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Affiliate Marketing Mindmap | Social Traffic Lab Members

Affiliate Marketing Mindmap

Last week I consulted with a well known best-selling author and TV personality helping them create an affiliate program for their new product.

This MindMap is the result of that call.

Download your copy here.

affiliate marketing mindmap

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There are a couple of HARD RULES to stick by as an affiliate and as a product owner.

As the affiliate it’s all about the EPC’s, ECPM’s, and EPA’s… meaning no matter how cool the product looks, how flashy the design is, or how persuasive the product owner is, if it doesn’t have good numbers chances are it’s going to bomb.

For the product owners the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for new affiliates is gain their trust. How do you do that? Simple. Pay your new affiliates on time… communicate openly, and if it makes sense pay them a piece of the pie earlier than they were expected… they’ll love you for it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the highest leverage areas to focus on as a business owner and as a marketer. I hope you can use this insider info to help grow your business.


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