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New Google Analytics Course | Social Traffic Lab Members

New Google Analytics Course


Would you like to know who sends you the most traffic, which content gets the most hits, and how much your visitors and customers are worth?

Of course, right.

If you’re looking to understand your site visitors and improve your site performance continue reading.

When you know the cold hard data you sit in the power position for growing your business.

After talking with several customers and spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars testing I’ve decided to share my testing results.

I’m going to be teaching a full blown course on Google Analytics… it’s actually 4 courses.

We will be covering:

Part 1: Getting Started With Google Analytics

Part 2: How To Use Google Analytics and Social Media Together

Part 3: Advanced Google Analytics For Business Automation

Part 4: eCommerce Analytics

You’re going to walk away knowing exactly how to setup Google Analytics the right way (90% of accounts are setup wrong and penalize the site owner). You’ll also know how to understand the data to help grow your business… or if you consult this is an incredibly valuable service to provide clients.

Some of the classes will be taught live so you can have questions answered in real-time. Every class will be structured as over-the-shoulder training so you will get the most out of the learning process… and yes, you get access to the training recording forever.

Now Only $99

After you submit your order you will get an email notifying you the transaction was successful.

I look forward to teaching you about one of the most important tools and training within online marketing.


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