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Interview with co-founder of Zapier.com | Social Traffic Lab Members

Interview with co-founder of Zapier.com

Have you ever wondered why some startups make it while others crash and burn?

In this interview Spencer asks Wade Foster the co-founder of Zapier.com how they did it.

Zapier was a part of the Y Combinator which is the same startup home of Dropbox, Weebly Justin.tv, Reddit, and a bunch of other game changing startups.


About Zapier and why you need to listen:

They saw a common problem in the market of getting different tools and apps talking to each other across platforms.

For example with your email auto responder wouldn’t it make sense for it to talk with your customer support help desk?

…well duh, of course. It would make you more money and customers happier.

The Zaps make those connections possible.

When you listen to the interview see what tools you’d like connected to make your business work better, quicker, easier.


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