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The Secret Of Scaling Your Business | Social Traffic Lab Members

The Secret Of Scaling Your Business

Both Spencer and I rely a lot on our outsourcing team to get stuff done that either…
1) We don’t know how to do
2) Don’t do well
3) Simply, don’t like to do
Now, when I saw outsourcing team, I am not only talking about our fulltime resources in the Philippines.
I am also talking about resources on Mechanical Turk, Fiverr, Odesk, Warriors For Hire, and more.
When you are starting out, it can be very overwhelming.
One of the keys to scaling your business is focusing on the most important parts and either partnering with someone else for what you’re not good at, hiring an employee to do it, or simply outsourcing it.
Recently, in one of the other Facebook groups Spence and I belong to, someone was asking about partnering with someone to get stuff done in an area they were not strong in.
That area wasn’t really something of a core strength, or some unique knowledge, it was simple development skills.
My advise to them was to not partner with someone just because you don’t have the technical skills you need.
The reason behind that advise is I wouldn’t suggest giving up half your business for something you can outsource very cheaply.
Take AppSumo.com for example.
The initial site was developed by a developer in Pakistan over a weekend.
Do you think Noah Kagan partnered with that guy?
The key is know what you need and where to get it. 
An Outsourcing Shortcut We Use
One of the resources we mentioned in the past is Outsourcing Blitzkrieg from Marcus Passey.
We mentioned this in the past because it’s a vital addition to your outsourcing toolbox.
Marcus Passey has spent nearly 740 hours of work finding  the best outsourcers at the best price on Fiverr.com, the Warrior Forum and now Google.
He’s compiled all these resources and providers into a guidebook called Outsourcing Blitzkrieg, and is selling  it as a WSO.
You’ll quickly and easily find a trustworthy (and affordable) outsourcer for your tasks in this 181 page guide, categorized by task:
Article Writing
Press Release Writers
Article Spinning and Submission
Article/Blog/Website Proofreading
Article Into Video Service
Backlinking (.EDU, .GOV, Forum Profiles)
Other Backlinking Providers
Social Bookmarking Services
Graphic Design Services
Keyword Research
Account Creation (Gmail/Yahoo Accounts, Onlywire,
Product Creation
Social Marketing (Facebook, YouTube)
Video Creation
Video Submission
Voice Over Services
Website Creation
WordPress Installation and Issues Fixed
Facebook Fan Page Service
This will save you countless hours of vetting your outsourcers and the frustration of getting back less than stellar work.
This is a serious resource, for the price of a Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Large Coke at Wendy’s! (don’t ask how I know)
The Two Gifts I Mentioned
In the subject line I mentioned two gifts, the first one is a mindmap I created for a webinar we did last year on outsourcing.
The second is a recording of a webinar we did with  my friend Howard “The Outsourcer” Tiano.  We had some audio issues with Howard’s phone, but Spence has cleaned it up a bit for you.
Until Next Time,
P.S. He also sends updates and highlights his favorites
a few times a week! This is a no-brainer!

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