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Setting Up A Canned Response In GMail | Social Traffic Lab Members

Setting Up A Canned Response In GMail


During our 2nd “Getting Offline Clients” webinar,  We shared a template we got from App Sumo that we are using to follow up with clients, and “tether” them by establishing the next follow up.  

In this video, Spence walks you through the process of setting up that email in Gmail and use their canned responses to simplify the process…

The Email Template
Hey {{firstname}}!

It was really great to sit down and talk with you yesterday. I really appreciate your time as I know how precious it is, especially in light of {{something personal and unique about them}} on top of building your business all while you’re {{other unique interest}} –wow!

I thought I’d quickly outline what we agreed upon as our next steps:

1. {{brief snapshot description}} {{date}}.
2. {{brief snapshot description}} {{date}}.
3. Let’s follow-up via phone on next {{day}}, {{date}}. Would {{time}} work for you? If not, let me know a good time for you and I’ll see if I can make it work.

I think if we tackle this huge project one piece at a time we’ll both enjoy the process–and the rewards– that will come from completing this together! I’m really looking forward to building this partnership with you. I know we have lots more to talk about, but the above gives us a great starting point.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions at all.


{{Your Name}}
Full Name
Full Contact Info.
In our 3rd and final webinar in the “Getting Offline Clients” series, we are going to be joined by our friend Josh Roa from New Zealand to learn more about how he has been closing more local businesses for higher fees by targeting business that are using traditional yellow pages.

Josh will share with us his strategy for approaching these potential clients and how he is able to justify changing their strategy to online using his services instead of continuing to pour their money into Yellow pages that are not producing the results they are looking for. 

To get access to our webinar with Josh
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